The COPROD system delivered from the Tools and Attachment division has for several years given surface customers incredible hole accuracy in regards to hole straightness. We have now re-tested this system with one of the best production drill rigs in the world delivered from Epiroc, the Simba E7.

The first production drill rig from former Atlas Copco was delivered in 1960 and was called Simba 22, delivered for sub level caving mining.

The development towards automation with the Simba started in mid-1980 with the introduction of the function one hole automation. At this time the customers started to be more involved in the development of our equipment and also started to realize what the production drill rig was able to perform. Later on, safety became a request which leads to the development of tele-remote control from a control room and E-tramming. Today all M/E Simba production drill rigs can be equipped with all safety and performance increase options.

1992 was the year when the introduction of the Coprod system, a patented innovation that provided an important increase in drilling productivity for large hole sizes. This innovation has been used with a success in surface drilling. With the correct rock drill, the drilling performance in regards to penetration rate is impressive. This innovative drilling system has once been tested in an underground environment with unsatisfying results and since then the COPROD system has been a 100% used on surface drilling with Epiroc drill rigs.

In 2020 we have re-tested this system with one of the best production drill rigs in the world delivered from Epiroc, the Simba E7. This rig was equipped with the latest version of the software for the rig control system and the upgraded COPROD 76 – and the result was very promising.

“The performance in penetration rate was fantastic and the increase of penetration rate was approximately 40% higher compared with the reference drill rig, drilling side by side during the test,” says Mikael Larslin, Global Product Manager. “Drilling was done with high accuracy and very low deviation in 49-meter holes. This is looking very promising going into the future with this drill rig and the COPROD system. This set up will be a game-changer in the long hole drilling business”.

If you have any questions about the coming release of COPROD for Simba, please contact Mikael Larslin, Global Product Manager production drilling & Easer.


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