ThingWave and LKAB have successfully tested a novel method of detecting Fall of Ground (FOG), i.e. when rock masses or individual rocks fall from the roof. FOG related incidents are one of the most common causes of injuries to workers and damage to machines and equipment in many mines worldwide.

Low-power wireless devices with sensors enable to sense the micro-seismic events that are caused when rocks fall from the roof of a drift. When an event is detected, an alarm is transmitted using ThingWave’s ultra-low power mesh technology to our Cloud system. ThingWave Cloud can send several types of alarms to the mine’s staff using the Arrowhead Framework, SMS, e-mail, or as push notices to ThingWave’s mobile phone app.

Prototype sensor with green illumination

The tests were successful and we could detect even smaller rocks that were dropped with just 2 meters height. In the next steps, we will add onboard signal processing using machine learning on the devices and look at integration with the data models with the Arrowhead Framework.

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