Easy and fast access to test and demonstration possibilities is a key to increasing the number of value-adding innovations to the market, and also a shortage in the mining industry. The SMIG community aims at delivering a coordinated test environment for mining-related products and solutions. We are now reaching out to facilities (operational mines, underground facilities, and other mining-related premises), equipment providers, and competence providers that have an interest to be part of the test and demonstration community that is SMIG. A cooperation will bring create possibilities to increase test and demonstration revenues and establish important contacts, as tests will be coordinated and distributed by SMIG. In an initial phase, the project team will identify the needs and wants of the test enablers to make sure that the final business model design of SMIG takes this into account.

LTU Business is the project partner responsible for developing the business model of SMIG, including value proposition to customers as well as test actors and the organization and ownership structure. LTU Business is owned by Luleå University of Technology and is based in northern Sweden, with almost 40 business developers and a cutting-edge experience in the creation and development of testbeds.

Contact Lisa Ek, LTU Business, and lead of business development of SMIG (lisa.ek@ltubusiness.se) if you wish to be contacted.



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